How to Make a Monster ... Chaos Spawn

Warhammer 40,000 – Chaos Spawn are one of the creepier units in the Chaos Marine army. One two many "gifts" or disappointing your patron can result in becoming a gibbering monster. Of course it also can be the fate of anyone who attracts the Ire of a sorcerer so its important to have a few around.

I just so happened to have a Simulacrum #29 that I never assembled because Malifaux fell out of favor in my area. It's an amazing model that even though its a little flat I wish I could track down a few more to make more of these beasts.

The basic model is a dude made of more dudes arms made of arms, legs of legs; pretty scary really. To make it more chaosy and less two dimensional I added a head, cables and bone spikes. 

The end result speaks for itself an giant nasty monster that can dish out a bunch of attacks in close combat. I'll probably run it next to a character as a bodyguard or favorite pet.