The Great Devourer Returns ... Hivefleet Leviathan


Warhammer 40,000 – I remember when I got back into 40K back in third edition. A small store in Almont, MI, Carmalot Computers and Hobbies,  ran a tournament every Saturday. It was always 1500 points, $5 to enter and went three rounds. The winner got store credit and they always had a decent turn out. Back then going from 3.5 to 4th edition Tyranids ran the show. At the time I was running Chaos Space Marines and I always dreaded facing off against bugs. Sadly that store has been out of business for about as long as Tyranids have been not so great. 


With 8th edition the Index Tyranid list gave them a huge boost and I started seeing them on the table again. WIth the recent codex release I think all those old dusty armies are going to be dominating on the tables once again. With access to cheap troops and good HQs the bug army can maximize command points to make use of all the sweet stratagems they have available. I have a feeling I'm going to need to tweak my Marines to be able to deal with the swarm and the flying smite monsters.


My latest commission grows the already sizable Hivefleet Leviathan force I've been painting and adds some elements that are much better.


First up are two Neruothropes and a bunch of ripper swarms. This can be a really cheap battalion that gives the force access to the command points it wants throughout the game. Combined with the smites and other mortal wounds the HQs can put out this is just nasty for a minimal points investment.


The paint on these it pretty standard. Palid Wych Flesh base, Crimson wash, Nargaroth Night, Xerxes Purple and Genestealer Purple for the shell. My client loves the stock scheme so creatively its just a paint by numbers for me. The end result is impressive and the bright colors stand out on the tabletop.