Bigger is Better ... Hivefleet Leviathan


Warhammer 40,000 – You know a codex is good when you start to see models being used that you've never seen on the table before. With this latest release my Tyranid client has been bringing me a bunch of models that I honestly didn't know existed. 


For an army known for close combat Tyranids have a pretty solid choice in shooting with some of their gun beasts that function similar to a Leman Russ. Shooting twice with a big gun is nothing to scoff at. 

Also in this book the character creatures are back. Old One Eye is going to cause all kinds of drama on the table as distraction Carnifexes become a real threat. 

And of course the one unit that most Tyranid players had a few of as they were the scariest thing in the list are flying Hive Tyrants. Shadows of the warp, smite and big guns that can deepstrike in your face make these bad boys, well bad boys that want to take your lunch money and pants you. I might try busting out my Hunters and Stalkers to try to deal with these, bonuses against things that fly seem to be good even if the tanks are universally scoffed at.