Tunnel Fight

Warhammer 40,000 - This year for my Birthday I decided to run a tunnel fight game. I've had the Bug Hunt Corridors from Fantasy Arc for quite some time now and never get around to finishing my set because we don't play Zone Mortalis style games enough. I will eventually finish what I've got so I can justify picking up some of the specialty rooms and additional style of doors.

Since I'll have a full house I'm setting up two tables. One will be the main facility and the ladders will lead down to the sub-level sewers. This will help spread everyone out a little as well as keep the tunnels from getting to clogged up. Even though we capped lists at 50 models max it may still become an issue. 

For the event we're having Imperial players vs Xenos/Chaos. The Xenos/Chaos forces have overrun Research Station LV626. The facility houses several Adpetus Mechanicus projects that must not fall into the wrong hands and must not be destroyed.

The game will last 5 turns with the Imperials taking first turn breaching the facility. The defenders will deploy secretly and only be revealed when the facility is breached. If the Imperials breach within 3" of a unit that units takes D3 mortal wounds. The ladders will connect the two areas and models can move up and down as if they were embarking in a transport.