Mechanical Monstrosities ... Adeptus Mechanicus


Warhammer 40,000 – Some time ago I painted a few test models for a clients Ad-Mech force. Due to some supply issues he couldn't get his hands on all the kits for the force, so the project was back-burnered for a bit. Now that he was able to track down most of the models he needs for the force, I have a few things to work on.


Belisarius Cawl tends to be the centerpiece for most Ad-Mech forces. Which makes sense since he's a beast and the "father" of the Primaris Marines. Important to the story he's a must own for any Ad-Mech player and a should own for most Imperial players. This isn't the first time I've built this kit so the little fragile pieces didn't throw me for to much of a loop. The Servor Skull attached by a tiny cable is still a giant pain to get right, but with patience and plastic glue you can get a solid bond that should be stable.

Two Kastelan Robots were also included in this batch. My client removed the tabs on the ball joints to pose them very dynamically. They look pretty active like a Anime Mecha and less like slow moving imposing metal machines. The heads come from a third party manufacturer which feel more 40K and less Lost in Space (Or Forbidden Planet it you prefer). 

The Onager Dunecrawler is a uniquely Mechanicus kit. Looking like a cross between a defiler, sentinel and gun turrent; this walking tank can put out a ton of firepower. Which makes sense that this force would include two of them. They're armed the same but have different accessories so each machine looks a little different. 

Rounding out this batch are 13 Skitarii Vanguard. Armed with Radium Carbines they will get  several shots off at mid-range and provide a solid core for the rest of this gun-line army. 

These are my higher end tabletop level painted to match the basic Mars color scheme with a few modifications based on the clients preference for gray over cream. Pretty much a gunmetal and Mephistion Red base with a Nulin Oil wash. From that point it's just a matter of detailing everything and adding highlights. The process is tedious because of all the bits and bobs on the models, but enjoyable since the details are easily picked out.