Giant Chaos Spawn? Getting the most of of BONES

Warhammer 40,000 – Reaper Bones always does some amazing Kickstarters. Since the first one I've held back on getting the full haul since I don't play D&D or Pathfinder it's unlikely that I would ever need that many miniatures in the fantasy realm. Frostgrave for the brief moment my group was playing may have found me a use for some but never the full amount. Enough rambling, the point is during those campaigns they offered some really cool large models as add-ons. Not one to resist a good deal on something that I might be able to use I picked up some giant worms and other big beasts.

I based these on some larger beveled bases and then put them on the shelf of to be painted shame. Not having an actual need for them they sat around long enough to gather dust. At which point one of my clients noticed them on the shelf and asked what I was going to do with them. At that point I thought maybe a monster in a Tremors-style scenario but hadn't got much further. "They look like Giant Spawn to me..." was all he said, which was enough for me to dig out a Forgeworld Index and see that they would in fact be useful and seemed to be close enough to the correct size.

With Codex Daemons on the way I have a feeling these beasts will see paint soon as Tzeentch Giant Spawn.