Ravenwing ... Basic Black

Warhammer 40k – Black is one of those colors I have a love/hate relationship with. When it's done right it looks amazing on the table, but even then it's hard to get credit for the amount of time it took to get to the level of detail you put in. On the other hand when doing a basic three color paint job it's super easy to put down two thin coats of black and call it a day. I've also figured out a nice dark gray mix that when washed with Nuln Oil makes a nice substitute for painting black and edge highlighting. 

This most recent project is a paint to match job. My client has a Dark Angels army that is quite old and he wanted to add some new units to it. As a go by he provided one of the models he had painted previously. My job was to paint up the bikes and land speeders he provided to match. The go-by model is solid black with white icons, metal detailing, dark gray flexible armor components and dark red weapon housing. 

The most difficult thing about this project was the wing details on the bikes. Using Nuln Oil I carefully shaded each feather to get the black lined effect that appears on the go-by model. This is not my preferred method of painting white, but when you're painting to match sometimes you have to go the less efficient route. 

Also included in this batch were a set of Imperial Assassins. A thematic addition to a force that is hunting chaos even though the Dark Angels will keep their secrets close to the chest.