2018: New Year, New Goals

Random – Every year I seem to make a bunch of resolutions for the new year that may or may not get accomplished. Regardless of the likely-hood of these actually being done I feel keeping the tradition alive is important.

One of the issues I have is lacking the focus to play one list until I know it really well. Being the proud owner of a ton of models I like to switch up my list every week and try something different. This year I resolve to build a 1,000 and 2,000 point list for each of my armies and just focus on playing it until I know all the ins and outs of the list. 

Another problem I have is that although I'm a pretty prolific painter, the majority of what I've been painting has been commission work. My second resolution is to get each of those forces painted to completion before the end of the year. If I focus on a 2,000 list, I'll have a solid end point for each faction and be able to squeeze them in between my commission work.

As a graphic designer and miniature painter I spend way to much time sitting on my ass. In recent years I've noticed the toll this sedentary lifestyle is taking on my body. As such I'm going to try and work a regular exercise routine back into my week. I figure riding a bike for 30 mins a day will help as well as trying to stand more during the day. 

Terrain is both my joy and pain. I love building and painting new battlefields to fight over, but I don't always have the time or space to store all the projects I want to do. This year I'm going to focus on getting a themed table complete for each of the neoprene mats I own. Once that's done I may just donate some of my excess terrain to a local game store. 

Eighth Edition Warhammer 40k has become the only game in town. Before this edition of the game there were lots of random start-up games or skirmish games that could see the table occasionally, but now it's the only game seeing play. I'd like to at some point this year give the Batman Miniature game a shot as well as do a new campaign for the latest Necromunda game.