Storm of Iron ... Iron Warriors


Warhammer 40,000 – Raptors can be devastating when they can hit the right targets. Dropping in via deepstrike or just flying forward to get a jump on the enemy they're incredibly useful. Possessed marines don't have the randomness of old but a potential 3 attacks each at strength 5 is pretty good, especially with a 7" move. 

The last part of this force is a mix of Possessed and Raptors which in a pinch could be called Warp Talons. While they can be a pain to paint these two kits are my favorite in the line and I wish the basic marines would get an update to match the style. It's so much more interesting than just horn and arrows on a new mark of armor. 


Painting on these is the same as the rest of the force. With fleshy bits added for the mutations. With these done the force is complete until my client picks up some additional units.