Battle Report: Genestealer Cult vs. Tyranids 1500 points

Warhammer 40,000 – Do you remember those cult movies form the '80s? Fanatics enact some crazy plot to summon a big nasty from another plane and inevitably it would eat them or do some other nasty nonsense. Well that's pretty much the theme for this game.

For those of you that don't know the background; Genestealers infiltrate human society by infecting a host which then breeds generations of hybrids until they have reached a critical mass. They then rise up against the ruling class and prepare for the Hive Fleets arrival. The Genestealers produce some type of beacon that draws the fleet to their location and the assimilation/digestion begins. Yes this is the part where the monster eats the thing that summoned them.

I used the same 1500 point list I've been trying to get my head around. Using the cult uprising detachment I have The First Curse, Neophyte Calvacade, Cult Mutants and a Magnus.

My opponent brought Skyrant Swarm and a CAD featuring Deathleaper, 3 Lictors, Genestealer Brood, Tyranid Warrior Brood, 2 Dimachaerons and 2 Mawlocs.

Rather than play the card missions we opted to roll for a simple eternal war mission as both of us are still in learning mode for these armies. Of course the roll resulted in Purge the Alien with diagonal deployment. My opponent won the roll and chose to deploy first. I then put down the two rock grinders and nova cannon tank. Then proceed to roll on the cult ambush table like an idiot. Of course nothing rolled a 5 or six so I set myself up to shot a bunch with laspistols and chuck demo charges. When the time came iI seized the initiative and made the most out of it. 

Two wounds on one of the Dimachaerons and a few dead gargoyles. 

My opponent then proceeded to tear up my little units and put a bunch of hull points on the rock-grinders. Things were not looking good. The next turn I did a few wounds and then lost my trucks to Mawlocks popping up. 

When the genestealers finally got into the fray they killed both Dimachaerons in a turn. Those things are super nasty against small units but once you outnumber it or out initiative it it's fairly easy to take down.

We called it after this turn as it was getting late, but the game was really fun. My friend has some of my old city terrain mixed with some new MDF ruins. He also printed a nice vinyl decal for his table which has the blocks and streets that looks great.