Tank Thursday

Warhammer 40,000 – I just wrapped up two tanks for different clients that both just so happen to be green. Salamanders and Dark Angels so they are different shades of green.

First up is a Salamanders Vindicator, this is the old metal plastic version so it was nostalgic for me to spend some time painting this up. (The first tank I ever bought was the old predator kit on the same chassis). Painting follows the rest of the force: Caliban Green base, custom mix green over brush, Biel Tan Green wash with an edge highlight of the custom green. 

The next tank is a conversion my client made to represent a Spartan. It looks to be made out of two land raiders, a chimera and a leman russ. Overall it's an interesting conversion that stands out on the table. The size is close to the Typhon I own just a bit wider and ever so slightly longer. 

The paint on this one follows the same scheme I did for the rest of the force. Orchide flesh base, Biel Tan green wash and edge highlight with a custom mix green.