On the painting table ... A Touch of Evil

Boardgames – It's always a bit odd for me when I get a painting job and I know very little about the game system the models are used for. Lately that's been happening quite a bit with board game miniatures. My primary focus has always been on table wargames so many of the cool board games fall off my radar. 

Based on the boardgamegeek.com write up it sounds very similar to Flying Frogs other games, thegaminggang.com has a decent write up as well. Essentially you play as a monster hunter in the 1800's, 

The models are the smallish bendy plastic type that is common among modern board games, the detail is very similar to Zombicide. Not a ton of detail but just enough to make them look good from arms length. 

After getting the base colors down, a quick wash brings out the detail. I still have the highlights and details to do before I can call these done.