Black Legion Converted Drop Pod and More

Warhammer 40,000 - The Black Legion continues to invade my painting table. Lately most of the army scale projects I've been asked to work on come in chunks. (I think the primary reason for this is that most of the army scale projects I've had the pleasure of working on lately seem to be new acquisitions rather than salvage jobs from the bargain bins.)

This time around I painted up a unit of ten cultist/guardsmen to fill the obligatory troop slot for a CAD detachment. The eagles were shaved off most of the models and where bits of them were still visible I paint a red "X" to show the troopers change of allegiance. These followed my standard three color minimum method of blocking in the various shades of gray and metallic followed by a quick wash. Quick and dirty to look decent on the table and match the rest of the force.

With specialty units like chaos marine bikers it's important to have some ablative wounds in the units so you don't loose those pricey special weapons before they do some damage to your opponent. Hence two basic bolter/chainsword bikers found their way onto my table. these follow the same process as the other marines in the force a dark pavement base with a nuln oil wash give the impression of a painted and shaded black. A quick edge highlight with mechanicus gray makes them look good on the table. I did a basic OSL glow from the screens onto their faces using a fluorescent yellow paint. I'm really liking how this effect turns out and it isn't to difficult to pull off.

The last portion of this round is a Kharybdis/Dreadclaw conversion. I think this is significantly smaller than the Forgeworld Kharybdis model but is probably passable for the Dreadclaw. The icons for each of the gods is a nice touch and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Again this is just a basic three color + job meant to get the models looking decent on the table.