I want to paint it black ... Black Legion Progress

Warhammer 40,000 – The hits keep on coming for this Black Legion commission. This round has me working on a squad of bikes, Terminator Sorcerer, Hell Brute and a Hell Drake. Painting follows the same recipe I've used on the rest of the models I've done for this force so you can read more here or see more here.

The Hell Drake is probably one of my least favorite models to paint. Assembly isn't to terrible but painting it is just a chore. The amount of trim on this model is just insane. ( I blame 3D sculpting for making it too easy to add this level of detail) I considered painting the whole think gold to start and them going back in to fill out the panels but because of the way it's set up there's just as many panels as there is trim. As with any difficult task it's best to just suck it up and keep forward momentum. 

The bikers are pretty straight forward. I used a flesh with reikland flesh shade on the seats to get a fresh flayed flesh look. I think this helps to make them pop out against the dark color of the bike and armor. I did a basic OSL technique coming off the monitors on the bikes. My client for this project really liked what I did with the Kingdom Death Survivors and wanted to have that same effect in his force if I could find a place it made sense.