Night lords Kill Team

Shadow War Armageddon - recently I had a chance to run my night lords kill team in two multiplayer SW:A games. In multiplayer I the game feels very different, potshots can come from anywhere and you never know who will find a temporary alliance to their benefit. Rolling for initiative every round made a significant difference in how everyone played no longer could you rely on the player to your left always being predictable  or counting on the guy that's pinned not to getup before you can go. 

The mission to run to the middle and grab loot is fine but after our first play we modified it so you place 6 objective markers. 9" from a table edge. This gave abit of variety to the game as it made more sense to run for the easy grabs and didn't leave you open to snipers in the middle of the table. 

Both games I lost so the single promethium I snagged in the first game got me another guy who unfortunately died in the second game and rolled a one on the serious injury table. I hate losing 170 points but I'm not giving up on this team yet. All it will take is a few good games and saving my promethium to catch up to the league leaders.