The Others: Seven Sins - Core Heroes

Board Games - I'm a bit bummed I haven't had a chance to put The Others: Seven Sins on the table. The game look great and from what I've heard it plays well too. I've already painted a Sons of Ragnorak hero set for one of my board game clients. This time around she gave me the core heroes and  the large sin monster: Pride.

As with most of the newer CMON games the models a really well detailed and molded out of a harder plastic, it's not polystyrene but slow not the slimy ABS that sometimes shows up in board games. In other words these are models that are just asking to be painted.

The box and card art for this game is really well done and each sin has a color associated with it. For Pride that color is yellow, so I started with a base coat of foundation yellow. (I still have several pots of this stuff and it's my go to base color for anything yellow. I haven't tried the replacement in the new line but I hope it works as well once I run out.) The tentacles were picked out in pink and they the whole model was washed in Crimson. I came across this wash when I was painting some Tyranid models and really like how it works on a variety of colors. The red tone helped to blend the yellow and pink together and picked out all these gross pock marks that cover the beast. Once that dried it was a simple matter to pick out the details and finish off the model.

The heroes in the core set are pretty diverse however most of them are wearing some variations of black and blacker. Which can get a little boring. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the artist used different colors to highlight the black to make each character more unique while keeping the serious Hot Topic vibe each of the FAITH members is rocking.

Karl is the exception to the rule of black being cool for this team. Which makes sense since he's a werewolf and as such comes with the token two models for one dude that pops up quite often in minis games as of late. For him I stuck with the white wolf look from his card and kept his cloths in the earthy brown range.

Morgana is the other exception vampire princess types love those flowing red dress don'tchaknow. Something about the molded face on this model doesn't sit right with me. I'm not sure what it is but something feels a little off.

Overall I'm really happy with how these turned out. My level two tabletop standard seems to be just the right amount of detail to take your board games to another level.