It's all in the suit - Tau Additions

Warhammer 40,000 - Drones and suits; suits and drones. I've been doing quite a bit of both of these lately. The newest additions to the Tau force I'm painting for a client are a Commander, Ghost Keel, and Stormsurge (As well as the associated drones). These will be joining the other units I've painted previously.

I'm still not a fan of painting white however the method I've been using for these has been significantly less painful than other forces I've done with a white color scheme. The key to this is priming white. While it makes painting black a giant pain it will ease the pain of a primarily white model. After the primer dries I like to paint all the parts that will be white with Ulthan Grey. This is not a pure white which is important as it will serve as the shade for the majority of the model. Once that dries I'll paint the undersuit black. For me it's faster to do white in broad stokes and black in smaller details. That way I just have to touch up the small white parts if I slip. Next I apply Dawnstone to any areas that will be grey and block in the red with Mephiston Red.

With all the colors blocked in the next step is to carefully apply Agrax Earthshade to all the recesses. This is a controlled application which is very different than my standard over wash. While it is tedious the end result is worth the effort. Wait for the shade to dry completely before moving on to the highlight stage.

Now it's just a matter of edge highlighting the white, grey and black. Again a slow a tedious process when you have as many edges as Tau suits do but patience pays off. After the edge highlights are done I go in paint the lens and call it complete.