On the Painting Table ... Hobbits and Horrors

My painting table is going to be a bit of a mis-mash of things for a little while. I've had several clients drop off big jobs that hit many different parts of the gaming spectrum. In the weeks to come I'll be working on:

• Black Legion Chaos Space Marine (40K)
• Halfing Adventurers (D&D)
• Tyranids: Genestealers, Swarmlord, Ravager, Gaunts, Warriors (40K)
• Imperial Guard Special Weapons (40K)
• Scythe Expansion (Boardgame)
• The Others (Boardgame)
• Talons of the Emperor Army (40K)
• Knight Castigator (40K)
• Lucious Pattern Droppod (40K)
• Kingdom Death Lion Armor (Boargame)

As you can see with 8th Edition's release 40K is very popular with my clients.