Pimp my ride - Black Legon Rhinos and more

Warhammer 40,000 - Forgeworld makes some beautiful stuff. The chapter/legion specific doors are a great way to add some additional character to your transports and give them that little extra pop.

My Black Legion client recently dropped off two rhinos and several heavy weapons to have painted up for the force I painted for him previously. With 8th edition looming on the horizon and new information be released everyday I've seen an uptick in commission inquiries as people start to realize they're going to need more of a certain weapon or transport.

This time around I had to assemble everything before I could prime or paint. It's a service I offer clients as sometimes you just can't find the time to get your stuff assembled, let alone painted. IT seems to work out especially for clients that buy large amounts of models and need them ready for the table quickly.

This is a simple three color job with some extra edge highlight and wash. Really my most popular option for large 40K forces.