Feed your Greed - The Others: Seven Sins

Board Games - Sometimes you get the coolest effects without planning on it. My latest batch of board game bits comes from the Greed expansion for The Others: Seven Sins. For those of you unfamiliar with the game it pits Hellboy-esque agents of FAITH against the otherworldly threat of The Others. It's a bit Cthulu-esque mixed in with the traditional Seven Deadly Sins. The core box gets you two of the major sins with their minions and the other five sins are available individually.

This set is Greed, and what better way to illustrate greed than to have giant walking mouths. So far these are the most disturbing looking of the monsters I've painted there's just something about them that creeps me out. The controller figure is pretty cool and seems vaguely Yakuza with a grabbing belly mouth.

Painting started with a base coat of Pallid Wytch Flesh. I used this color for the first time on some Tyranids and am impressed with how versatile it can be. I also put down a basecoat of pink After the base coat I applied a quick wash of Reikland Fleshtone. The results were impressive and I had very little additional highlight to apply after the wash dried.