Shadow War: Building a Mining Complex Part 3

Warhammer 40,000 - This is the third part of my series about building terrain for a winter themed mining complex. My goal is to get a full table built and playable as quickly as possible to take advantage of the excitement my group has about SWA at the moment. More detail will be added to these pieces at a later date.

Most mining facilities has some sort of processor or furnace. It just so happens that I have a few of these really cool scientific flasks that I picked up at some point. By combining the flask with a tin can and some bits from my box I was able to create a cool looking structure. As always I included several levels to make this a piece players will want to interact with. I also positioned the platforms so their are obstructed views and you'll have to move around it to cover the whole battlefield.

In the same vein as the furnace piece, I built a second processor/holding tank structure using some cans and parts from the Games Workshop Sector Mechanicus Terrain. The platforms are great and make it easy to create some detailed walkways quickly and easily.

Lastly I built the actual Games Workshop Promethium Platform. This is a cool kit as its built to be able to build lots of different things and you could theoretically not glue it to keep some versatility with the kit. I opted to just build it like the box for now.