On the painting table ... Green Machine Guard

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm not going to lie, 8th edition has got me swamped. With the balancing of the rules and crappy units becoming useful or even good ALL of my clients have stuff they need painted up for their existing forces.

Apparently not having the chance of killing your own dudes has made demo charges appealing to Astra Militarum players. A few of my regular opponents loved to use them under the old rules for fairly tasteless reasons ... yes the models were Talarans, but otherwise they were something I rarely ran into when playing at other locations.

These guys look like. a kit bash of tons of equipment. My opponent just asked that the equipment be brightly colored so they were easy to distinguish on the table. The rest of the colors are to match his exiting force which is khaki and castellan green.

Sometimes when I do a match to a previous force the models fall into a weird place in my scale. These are essentially my three color basic with a wash and some minimal highlights. A gravel base and some flock completes the look.