The Fate of Konor - Mini-league

Warhammer 40,000 – My local group has decided to play along with the Games Workshop Worldwide campaign. Looking at the requirements for the weekly challenges we opted to do a 500 point list to start with, the core of which has to be from a Start Collecting Box. Each week you get another 100 points to add to your force. You're required to add the new focus unit and can drop one unit from your previous list, everything else has to stay the same (Excluding upgrades). The goal being a completed 1000 point force by the end of the six weeks. We opted to build to 1000 points since out weekly games tend to be team affairs and we weren't completing games in a reasonable time with the larger totals.

Here's a simple breakdown:
Week One – 500 points (Start collecting)
Week Two – 600 points (Add Elite Choice)
Week Three – 700 points (Add Vehicle)
Week Four – 800 points (Add Psyker)
Week Five – 900 points (Add Flyer or Fast Attack Choice)
Week Six – 1000 points (Add Terrain or Lord of War)

It should be an interesting exercise if nothing else and should help get out group back to basics and away from the power builds that were popular last edition. Eight edition is so open that it's easy to lose focus and start doing crazy stuff. While there's nothing wrong with that ultimately it leads to a arms race of who can out crazy who until the game gets boring. I imagine once the codexes are out for more armies the crazy with be discouraged by cool relics, stratagems or in book synergies. But for the next few months it might look a little like Dodge City before the law arrived. 

This mini league seems to have peaked interest in our group with several inactive members building lists and joining in on the fun. I'll post up summaries of the games I play and photos each week.

For week one I'm going with the Space Marine Get Started box. It will give me a reason to get my Captain in Terminator Armor painted up, and I already have the rest of the box ready to go.

Here's my patrol list:
HQ–Captain in Terminator Armor, Thunder Hammer Storm Shield
Troop–Ten Man Tactical Squad with Plasma Cannon, Flamer and Combi-Flamer
Elite–Venerable Dreadnought with Twin-Lascannon and Missile Launcher

This should be versatile enough to do some damage and move about the board. Being hamstrung by the Get Started box is not a list I would typically choose to run but I'm excited to see how it does.

For week one we'll be playing the Invasion Scenario. Eight of the guys from my regular group have chosen to participate, but one can't make the first week. Anticipating this I made a generic evil daemons list and a generic good inquisition list to fill in any time someone can't make it. On the main table we'll have two teams of three with the extra two guys fighting it out on a smaller 3x3 city board. At 500 points this should work out just fine.