On the painting table ... For the Greater Good

Warhammer 40,000 – To be honest I've never liked Tau. I don't really know why they suits are cool, the backstory is fine and the Damocles Gulf Crusade supplement and book was really great. Something about them just never sat right with me. (Probably the anti-commi sentiment drilled into me as a youth in the 80's) 

Anyway my latest project is adding to the existing Tau force I painted for a client earlier this year. The Tau Fireblade is a veteran/leader for the Firewarrior infantry part of the Tau army. This is another of the single pose plastic minis that Games Workshop makes for most of their factions. The sculpt is beautiful and really captures the feel of a grizzled veteran, the Tau equivalent to Rambo perhaps.

With this I followed the same process as the rest of the force. You can find the paint choices in these articles.

I have a little touch up to do on the base before I take final photos but I'm happy with the results. Sitting on my painting table next to some Guard and Nurgle models the white suit really pops. I'm sure my client is going to love putting this on the table.