On the painting table ... A Knight's Tale

Warhammer 40,000 – I love Imperial Knights. The giant stompy robots are a great addition to Warhammer 40K. Not as powerful as their bigger brothers and far less cost prohibitive the Knights bring a sense of epic battles to the tabletop. The difference in scale between your average trooper and one of these makes such an amazing scene on the table.

My latest project is a Knight Castigator, this is one of the special Forgeworld Knight variants that is a bit taller than the plastic Knights and has some special rules and weapon load-outs. Of the various Knights available this one looks the most like a crusading warrior. The giant power sword, massive bolt cannons and special shoulder pads give the impression that he's here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

Posing these Knights is always a challenge because the resin parts are so heavy. With a little effort your can make these guys do whatever crazy pose you might want. I tend to stick with traditional poses that keep things compact for ease of transport. Crouching slightly holding his sword at guard about to stomp on an unsuspecting marine is what I chose to do.

Most of the Knights I've worked on are Freeblades (also an excellent iphone game). These are Knights that have left their Household for some reason. Typically because the household was wiped out, but sometimes to regain honor, extract vengeance or to turn against the Imperium. As such each Freeblade has their own heraldry like knights of old.

Black, Gold and Gunmetal with accents of white and blue are the primary colors I opted for when painting this model. It feels a little Black Legion-ish to me, and my client wanted the marine on the base to be an Ultramarine, even though this is a "loyalist" knight. Of course with the recent indexes from Forgeworld Chaos go access to each of these as well so this Knight could play on either side and still fit in.