Lion Gods and Slendermen ... Nightmares from Kingdom Death

Kingdom Death Monster – Yes, I still haven't had time to paint my own set from this amazing game, however I do have a client who is slowly feeding me her complete set to paint up.

The Slenderman is one of the more amazing plastic kits I've seen. The thin tentacles and legs are joined in such a way that it's incredibly strong even though it looks fragile and delicate. Building this guy was quite fun.

The Lion God is a very creepy kit. (Honestly every one of the models from this line is creepy...) Unfortunately this large kit suffers from the common alignment issues of bigger kits. The plastic doesn't align exactly so there are a few weird joins that I'm going to have to green-stuff over to smooth out. 

I'm looking forward to putting some paint on these models soon. With the holidays over I should be able to get back on schedule with my painting grind.