Men In Black - Death Watch

Warhammer 40,000 – This fall has bend quite full with commissions. While I’ve managed to get through them all, it was a bit of a challenge to get through them all. Part of the reason is most of these were fairly large model count batches. Which is typically easier for me to grind through when everything is similar in color or shape. Deathwatch is a bit different.

While the armor is predominantly black with a silver arm and accents each should pad has to be unique as well as each models armament. So while assemble lining them for the black, silver and red bits works great its’ not as seamless as doing ten tactical marines with bolters. This batch also has a mix of normal marines, Primaris marines and characters which all have a little different look.

The Inceptors (the astronaut looking marines) typically are “mounted” on this weird clear hook the they are supposed to rest on and look like they’re coming down from space or high orbit. Cool idea but in function it doesn’t work for game pieces. If you just let the rest on the cradle they are constantly falling off during the game and if you glue them in place they will most likely beak in transit. The most common solution is to add something to the base to make it look like they’re landing. My choice for these was a rock.