878 Vikings – Painted Board Game


Board Games – My pool of board game clients seems to be ever increasing. Which means I’m seeing lots of game I’ve never been exposed to. The most recent one to cross my table was 878 Vikings, the minis look pretty decent for bendy plastic and the houses, keeps and walls are all injection molded hard plastic. I don’t know why but as I was painting them I kept thinking these are Viking houses and hotels and somebodies going to pay when they land on Trelleborg…

My client had put the stickers on the models prior to turning them over and asked me to paint around them. (head-shake and long sigh) So I carefully removed them with my trusty x-acto blade, primed them and then reapplied the stickers and proceeded to paint around them.


I used Citadel’s Agrax Mud texture paint on the bases. When applied thick it looks really great. It’s still pretty pricey and I feel I could get a similar effect with pumice paste for significantly less. In the end it doesn’t matter since the minis look like they’re raiding a beach which was the desired effect.