Lobotomized ... more boardgame minis

Boardgames – Last year I worked on a large batch of minis for Lobotomy the board game from Titan Forge games. This was a kickstarted board game that had quite a few add-ons. My client had missed the Kickstarter but was able to track down some of the extras by contacting Titan Forge directly. The results are the next batch of minis to hit my painting table.

First up every Kickstarted board game has some versions of C'thulu it seems to be just required at this point. This particular sculpt is pretty menacing. I stuck with the traditional yellow-green color scheme with some crimson shading to bring out some of the detail.

Also a prerequisite for most Kickstarted games are "paraody" versions of characters from pop culture. Sucker Punch, The Shining, Rubber, Pet Semetary, It, Alice in Wonderland, You're Next, and The Conjuring 2 are among the movies that get tribute miniatures. All of them are pretty good quality for board game minis. The faces seem a little off on some of them but they're not awful just a little off.

I enjoyed painting these figures. It sounds like the game is a decent dungeon crawl style game set in a mental hospital which would be right up my alley if I didn't have some many similar games still in the shrink wrap on my shelves. To see to first batch of models follow this link.