Escalation League - Week 2

Warhammer 40,000 – Life finds a way ... to change your plans. This week due to unforeseen events what was going to be a full house gaming session turned into a 2v1 battle. I had to had my group for the next session of this league to fight against a combined Imperial Guard/Space Marine force. 


Since I was technically playing two separate armies, I had to change my plans in the middle of my first turn. Rather than dropping all my Raptors, Terminator Lord and Sorcerer into the guard lines I was only able to drop a unit of Raptors and the two characters. Some terrible rolling and poor placement on my part meant the Raptors didn't benefit from the Lord's aura and my attempt at casting Prescience failed. Two command points later the guard were auto passing a leadership test that wold have eliminated the unit and falling back so the full guard force could fire and wipe them off the board.

My dice were super cold this week while my opponents were super hot, ideally I'd be able to get in a few more games this week to balance out my luck but sometimes life finds a way ...