More Red Robots

Warhammer 40,000 – I love reliability, every time I give one of my clients back a project he brings me another. I think his plan is to have every option covered with the forces he likes to play with so while it might be a different force each time there's almost always something.

This time around I'm painting more Ad Mech. Different options of course but more red and gunmetal. One of my favorite models in this batch is the robot he converted to look like it's powered down. It's a fun nostalgic easter egg for those that get the reference and and cool way to make the robots look unique. Since the kit really only makes the static pose that's typically what you see on the table, and since its arguably the best unit in the book you tend to see lots of static posed "Robbie the Robots."

The rest of the models are just head and weapon swaps from the rangers I've already painted. The long rifles look cooler in my opinion that the other option but it's hard to argue with more shots.