Escalation League - Week 5


Warhammer 40,000 – For the fifth week of the Agrax Campaign I decided to modify my list a bit. Same models just trying different traits to see what works best. This time around I'm putting Daemon Spark on my Princess to bump up the damage potential from my Flamers. This force might still be to small to take best advantage of the alpha strike. What I've been seeing it while I can hit hard on the first turn I've generally loosing them to return fire, when I am able to put more threats on the table it should help this detachment survive a bit longer. Last week I tried out bulking this out with a battalion, this week I'm trying the same thing but keeping the cultists back as objective grabbers.


The game was much closer than I anticipated and while I won on points getting tabled cost me the game. Final score Chaos: 9 vs. Sisters:7.