Escalation League - Week One Games


Warhammer 40,000 – This week saw the launch of the escalation league I'm running for my local club. I was able to squeeze in three games, so much easier to do at 25PL, and managed to learn a bit about CSM Raptors in the process.

My first game was against Adeptus Mechanicus,  Having never actually played against them I wasn't sure what to expect. As it turns out if they can see a unit and have range it will be back in your box shortly. Since we were playing Maelstrom of War I was luckily enough to pull some easy objectives and win my "bids" on how many I could achieve. After losing a full unit of Raptors to mortal wounds from Wrath of Mar, I stuck with my objectives and stayed out of sight. The end result was a 14-7 victory for my Night Lords.


Since that game took just over an hour we opted to play again. This time I attempted to get more aggressive. It I hadn't forgot to my my Khorne Lord attack again the game may have gone differently. (I also forgot Death to the False Emperor every combat) As it was my opponent got up one points so I had to play for a win. His amazing shooting phases made sure I had nothing on the table. 

My last game for the week was against Imperial Guard. Seeing a weak flank I opted to be aggressive with my movement and deep strike. Getting the first turn I had a good chance at crippling my opponent with an alpha strike. Sadly left one model alive in a unit so I couldn't chew through his lines as I intended. Some luckly psychic phases on his part wiped out units of Raptors. Sadly with small games like this I saw exactly the moment I lost the game. (and of course I forgot Death to the False Emporer, which most likely would have netted me the extra wound I needed to do. End result was another tabling.