Two more Sins - The Others: Envy and Gluttony

Board Games – The Others: Seven Sins is still finding it's way across my paint table. Every time I start a new batch I'm impressed with the creativity behind these sculpts. As board game miniatures they're really nice and some of the larger models would look right at home on a 28mm tabletop battlefield. (which several of my 40k clients mention anytime they see these on my painting table)

I stuck with the fleshy theme I've used on the other models in this range. It helps to tie all of these different concepts together into a "believable" bunch of beasties. Since all of the monsters seem to have been human or based on the idea of a human that has turned into something else. I think the fleshy base is appropriate.

For Envy I used a yellow tone to set off the carapace on the monsters and Gluttony I used pink to set off the tentacles. A bit of blood effect helps to make these look like the horrors are bursting from their corrupted flesh.