Escalation Campaign - Session three, Week One


Warhammer 40,000 – I'm really happy with how my escalation league/campaign is going. For most of the last session I was play-testing a list I wanted to take to an event. Something came up however that means I won't be able to attend the event. That being the case I decided for this portion of the campaign to go another direction. 

Each week is going to be a Narrative Style Mission from either the 8th edition book or one of the Alter of War missions. I'm trying to keep them in theme with the campaign. So far both sides have been able to keep a solid foothold on the planets they initially invaded. Once the invading forces have established a foot hold they need to set up supply lines or carry out their nefarious plots.

The mission is determined by which planet is being fought over. For the two desolate worlds (desert and ice) the mission is Ambush from the 8th edition big rule book. This represents the difficulty of maintaining a hold on sparsely populated planets. 

The two population center will instead play of one of the Tyranid missions from Altar of War. Essentially there are three "people" objectives in the center of the table that the defender has to "rescue" by moving off the table while the attacker hits them from both sides. For the Imperials this represents collecting the refugees out of the war zones and for the Chaos forces it represents collecting slaves/recruits. 

For my force I'm going to continue with my Tzeentch Daemon Princess and her Flamers of Doom, but I'm going to add in two Giant Chaos Spawn. It gives me a reason to get the models painted up and I think will work as a solid distraction for the rest of my force.

I'm then adding in a Renegade Knight with twin Avenger Cannons. This thing is hard to take down and provides some solid firepower. I need to finish painting and magnetizing this so putting in in my lists will provide some motivation.

Rounding out the force is a Supreme Command Detachment of three Berserker Lords on Juggernauts. I put these together to go along with my converted Berserkers and have yet to put them on the table. After slapping some base coats on them I want to see what they can do.