Breaking the Bat ... Bane


Batman Miniatures Game – Back in the 90's I remember reading the Preview Catalog about the Knightfall Story Arc and being so excited. Back then everyone was going to get rich off collectiong comics with all the "ground-breaking" stories being told. Paralyzing heroes leads to killing heroes leads to crazy-ass costumes with tons of pouches and extra pointy bits the 90's were EXTREME. 

Bane is one of the crazy characters that doesn't seem to disappear. Portrayed as the anti-Bruce Wayne, a genius raised in a prison (serving the sentence for his dead parents), addicted to a super steroid and ready to burn the world to prove a point, Bane even rocks a Luchador Mask and a Black Latex S&M Suit. 

Next up on my queue is the new resin set from Knight Models. Significantly more detailed and slightly cheaper than the metal versions the resin is a huge improvement for this game. Some of the bits are super thin and fragile, so much so that I can't imagine trying to assemble this if it was cast in metal. It seems that these would be better suited as hard-plastic kits but the one-off nature of buying comic characters could never support the molding costs as I understand it. 

My client wants Bane painted to a tabletop standard and his minions just painted my three color basic with a wash. The dominate color for this crew is black. The minions are all pouches and armor that is depicted as black or various shades of grey, while Bane's costume is all black with some minor highlights. That being the case I started with a dark grey base followed by a Nuln Oil wash. This gives me a solid base to work from and helps to pick out the details the will need a highlight or different shade.

For the base I went with a dark brown tone to help the models pop a bit more. If I went with a traditional grey base I think the model and base would blend together to much.