Stuffed Fables ... Board Game Miniatures

Board Games – My board game clients are always bringing me something new and different that I I've either not played or not heard about, but wind up intrigued by the models. Stuffed Fables is one of those games. The concept of a family friendly game that takes place completely on a self contained "book" that also acts as a board is intriguing. I might need to do some more research into this game as it might be a good fit for my kids.


The models are similar to the Mice and Mystics pieces I painted before. Solid one piece models with a good amount of detail that could stand on their own without paint. Of course most things look better painted which is why they're wound up on my table. 

I tried to match the box art on the pieces which is pretty solid colors with minimal shading. On the metal constructs I used the same technique as I did on my Nercromunda Terrain. Starting with a gunmetal basecoat I wash them with Agrax Earthshade for the base coat. Then I'll stipple a burnt umber over the model to create patches of rust. To finish them off I stipple so Ryza Rust over the umber and on the edges of the model. The end result looks old and dangerous which matches what these creepy constructs are supposed to be. 

For the bases on all of these I went with a simple dark blue/purple/black base with some silver accents to create a dreamy night sky look. I'm happy with the end result as it does a nice job tying all the models together.