eBay Deals and Steals - 30k, 40k and Necromunda


Warhammer - I have a few models up for sale on eBay at the moment. One of the services I offer my clients is to sell models either for a percentage or for painting credit on a larger force. Occasionally I'll have commissions that were never collected or test models that didn't make the final list. Here's the great deals I have up for auction right now:

Typhus - 30k Deathguard, One of my clients picked this guy up from Forgeworld to be a commander for Nurgle force and realized that it wasn't close enough to the current aesthetic for his taste. 


Liass Issodon - Raptors Chapter Master "Conversion" This was a test model for the large Raptors Space marine army I'm working on. I had an extra Raven Guard sniper that I painted up in Raptors colors. I think it makes a great representation of Liass with his special bolter and sneaky abilities. 


Delaque Necromunda Gang – This is an original metal gang. I painted this for a client ages ago and he got quite a bit of use out of them. With the new edition of Necromunda he decided to go a different direction. 

Van Saar Necromunda Gang – Another original metal gang that I painted ages ago. This one has a look and feel like the "Starks" from Guardians of the Galaxy (the 90's run). This gang needs a nice home.

There's also a Ratskin Renegades set which is brand new minus the box. I loved these sculpts when they came out.