Cowboy Up - Shadows of Brimstone Expansion


Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone (the chronically mispronounced game "Shadows over Brimstone") has a ton of expansions. Most recently I painted up the "Allies of the Old West" expansion. This added a few miners/outlaws, a black smith, pack mule and dog to my client's collection for the game.

As with the rest of the minis I've painted for this game these were decent sculpts. Not exactly high end or super detailed – but rather solid and better-than-boardgame quality. They did need to be assembled prior to painting and it was nice to see there are several options for how to put things together. Head and arm swaps don't do a while lot for such a static pose but they do make the model look different enough.

As with the rest of the models I've painted for this games they are tabletop quality with a gravel base.