My Mossburg Goes Boom - Necromunda GSC vs Orlocks

Necromunda – Combat shotguns are probably one of the most versatile guns available when playing Zone Mortalis style Necromunda. Knowing you're going to get up close and personal against groups of enemy fighters means the shredder rounds will put in work. Template weapons in general are nasty because they pin you without having to "hit" against a close combat orientated gang like my Genestealer Cult it's devastating. 

In this gang fight I had my leader, an Aberrant with Hammer, two Acolytes with a demo charge and rock cutter and two Neophytes with auto-guns. Facing off against an Orlock Leader, two gangers with combat shotguns, a dual pistol champion and two more gangers with pistols. 

I thought I was sneaky getting the jump on the Champion and cronies when my Acolyte chucked a demo charge through an open door. The blast took one ganger out of action and knocked the other two down. Poor rolls mean my one use super bomb didn't live up to it's previous level but it helped me to control that flank. On the other side of the table my leader and his muscle weren't fairing too well as the scattershot templates kept them on their backs even though they were having a difficult time forcing a wound through (5+ and 6+ wound rolls are tough to make).

With one neophyte left I managed to stick around for a few more turns until he came to his senses and bolted. 

I'm getting pretty comfortable with the rules at this point and I think we'll be starting a short campaign soon. For the first one I'm thinking four cycles just to get our feet wet and become familiar with the nuances of the new campaign system.