Blade Runner-esque City Scape

Terrain Building – Blade Runner really set the tone for me as to what a dystopian future would look like. Dirty, crowded and dark. Ultimately that's the look I'm going for with my city table. Ideally this terrain will be "useable" across several different rules sets like 40K, Necromunda and Batman as well as any other random "near-future" sci-fi games I might find myself interested in. 

I have a variety of buildings that I feel represents a good mix of old architecture and new. When combined with the base plates, stairs and bridges I think it conveys a city that continues to grow and evolve. Right now everything has a base coat and initial wash so that it is playable. Before the end of the year I plan to have all the buildings fully painted and detailed. (so long as I have time between commissions)