From the Deep - A Lobotomy Expansion


Board Games – Pop Culture Icons/References trapped in an insane asylum trying to escape from other Pop Culture Icons/References seems to be the basis of Lobotomy the board game. I haven't actually played the game, but based on the large batches of minis I've painted for my client that's the general opinion I have about the game. The models are decent quality and plentiful which is usually a good enough reason to pick up a game. (Because if it's awful you can always repurpose the minis right?) 

The latest expansion to grace my table is From the Deep. Which is the requisite Lovecraft expansion. Unlike other games that try to milk the mythos this one actually makes a bit of sense. Being and insane asylum and all. The miniatures in this batch are inspired by the story Shadow over Innsmouth hence the horde of Gordon's Fishermen and creepy fish people.

Keeping it simple I was able to assembly line these fairly quickly since the fishy green color is consistent across all the models. Sybarite Green followed by a Coelia Greenshade wash followed by some highlights knocks out the skin quickly. The yellow starts with a foundation yellow paint, Fuegan Orange wash and a school bus yellow highlight. This mix covers well and gives a consistent yellow that's easy to replicate.