Firefly Adventures - Aiming to Misbehave

Board Games – Firefly was a pretty great show that Fox killed before the first season was completed. The resulting uproar and anger from the fans eventually resulted in a movie being made as well as several games based on the IP. Firefly Adventures is the latest of those.


Each of the characters gets two versions, a normal and hero mode. So I had two poses for each of the main crew to paint. For these I tried to keep them true to the costumes on the show. I'm pretty happy with the results, I didn't feel comfortable attempting to freehand the Blue Sun logo on Jane's shirt but other than that I think they turned out close to the screen versions.


No game is complete without villains and this game has a bunch of them. Cowboys, Reavers and Generic Space Hobos is how I separated them out for painting. For each plastic color I tried to keep a unified color scheme so the models would be easy to identify on the table. The plastic is a different color for each grouping so it's easy to tell the models apart, since I'm covering that up with paint I kept the models in a similar scheme for each type.