Kingdom Death: Monster Core set almost done

Kingdom Death – Slowly but surely I'm wrapping up all the models in the Kingdom Death: Monster core box as well as the expansions. Of course these aren't my own models but it's nice to put some paint to them finally, when I get to finish my own it should be quick with all the practice I'm getting. 

First up is the Phoenix, this has got to be one of the worst models to assemble from the first run. All the hands are hard to figure out placement and even with a guide don't quite make sense. Once you get them in place it looks pretty amazing, and the model is huge. For this one my client sent a picture of a blue and red bird with purple transitions that I used as inspiration for the final piece. 

Next is the Watcher, the what I assume is the final boss for the core set is another tricky to assemble model. The end result is pretty sweet with the swinging lanterns giving a sense of it floating and moving through the air. With this model I opted to used Games Workshops new technical paint to get the glowing green ghost effect. I have to say I'm impressed. It did still take me some extra work to make it look like this but I could see making the first coat of it work for a three color ghost army. 


The Dung Beatle Knight and survivor armor kits round out this batch of models. I'm really happy with how the purple turned out. For the wings I