Ravenwing Black Knights - More Plasma Talons

Warhammer 40,000 – I remember when bitz boxes the world over were filled with left over Space Marine Plasma Guns. It was always a weapon that would kill your own gun at the most inopportune of times, which meant any other special weapon would see more play on the table. Eight Edition made it a choice to supercharge your plasma and risk killing your own guy rather than happening every time they fire their gun. Suddenly plasma guns are all the rage and you see them on everything.

Dark Angels always have had a plasma fetish. Hunting down their traitorous brethren means anti-marine weapons are the go to choice. Mounting them two of them to bikes is even better. 

These Black Knights go along with the Dark Angel force I've been painting for a client piecemeal as he decides to add more units to the force. For the regular knights I'm matching his existing scheme which is three color with a wash and single edge highlight. This falls between my three color basic option and the tabletop level; which is a very affordable option for people looking to get a painted force on the table quickly.