Hide and Seek Champions - Raven Guard vs Alpha Legion


Warhammer 40,000 – Today's question is who would win in a gunfight between the two sneaky marine factions? Alpha Legion and Raven Guard mimic each other in most of their chapter tactics and abilities so this should be a fairly even match up. Maelstrom of War with Tactical Objective cards should force both forces to move about a bit. Scorched Earth is one of the more unforgiving missions out of Chapter Approved 2017, so of course that's what we rolled to play. 

My list consisted of:
Batalion Detachment:
HQ - Captain
HQ - Lieutenant
TROOP - Sniper Scouts
TROOP - Sniper Scouts
TROOP - Tactical Squad
ELITE - Aggressors (Full Unit)
ELITE - Revievers
ELITE - Two Veterans
Dedicated Transport - Landspeeder Storm
Spearhead Detachment
HQ - Techmarine on bike
HEAVY - Lascannon Predator
HEAVY - Lascannon Predator
HEAVY - Lascannon Predator
HEAVY - Hellblasters (Full Unit)

My opponent had several CSM troop squads with dual lascannons, a huge blob of 40 cultists, a unit of Obliterators, Heldrake, Landraider, large unit of Spawn and a terminator Chaos Lord. 


I opted to "From the Shadows" the Aggressors and luckily got first turn. They focused their flamers on the Cultists and with the help of the Landspeeder Storm were able to kill off 27 of them in the first turn. (2CP and they didn't run away...lame) They finished te job in the second turn after the Dark Apostle foolishly charged into the Landspeeder and engaged the Aggressors. (I don't think we played this right as he shouldn't have been able to move within 1" of a enemy he didn't charge or consolidate into) But the end result was him being pasted by the powerfists.

On the other side of the board the scouts were steadily putting mortal wounds on units but failing to penetrate armor with the normal shots. The Predators attracted quite a bit of fire as well as a charge from the Heldrake.

At the top of turn five we decided to call the game. It may have been possible for me to table the Alpha Legionaries there was no way I could catch up to the 24 points he scored off his objectives. I managed to eek of a measly 9 VP but the cards just weren't coming up with things I could easily score so it was an uphill battle.

Overall I'm impressed with the performance of the Primaris Units, The extra wound and improved ranged makes a difference over the course of the game. I'm going to try using this list a few more times before making changes as it seems to be fairly solid for what I want it to do.