Giant Tank vs Sadistic Daemons


Warhammer 40,000 – Game night this week saw my Twilight Ravens taking on a Slaanesh Daemon list. I hadn't run my Typhon Siege tank in quite some time and wanted to put it on the board again to see if my opinion of it has improved in 8th edition. (In seventh and previous editions it was great anti-hordes because of the 7" template 2D6 shots isn't quite the same as the huge numbers you could clip if your opponent wasn't spread out).


We opted to play one of the Eternal War missions and rolled up the Scouring. Looking at the clown car's worth of models my opponent pulled out of his bag I felt like my small force might be in for a beating. In all I had three 5-man squads, two razorbacks, two captains, a lieutenant, a chaplain dreadnought, a techmarine, thunderfire cannon and the Typhon super-heavy tank.  His list was a massive horde of Daemons backed up by some Emperor's Children.


First turn I was able to eliminate the Sonic Dreadnought and decimate his large unit of Seekers. His response was getting into close-combat with half of my force (NOTE: I didn't move anything on my turn and he was still able to reach out an punch me.)

The game had quite a bit of back and forth because although he was in combat right away the Slaanesh Daemons don't have the staying power and the law of averages says you're going to fail a significant amount of  5+ saves. However the glass hammers of the first wave softened things up for his heavy hitters to follow up. The Soul Grinder, Giant Spawn and Daemon Prince quickly chewed through my limited lines.

The final score was 6 -1 in favor of the Daemons.

The lessons I learned from this battle: 1. Things with high strength multiple damage need to target big things. The Typhon is meant to take out multi-wound models or structures not hordes of small troops. 2. Dumping 770 points into one model in a 2,000 point list isn't a great idea. Even with a captain, lieutenant and techmarine supporting it the daemons were able to put more wounds on it than it dished out and I couldn't heal more wounds than my opponent dealt, Although when it exploded the D6 rolls for mortal wounds were really hot and it made up for the poor shooting performance with a spectacular death.