RAMPAGE! - Imperial Knights vs Death Guard and Thousand Sons


Warhammer 40,000 – I recently had the chance to face off in a 2500 point battle with my Imperial Knights vs a combined team of Thousand Sons and Death Guard. It's an odd point level that my opponents regularly played so I tweaked my standard 2,000 point list to include an Archeron. My opponents chose to fight in the city, so my Knights weren't going to be as maneuverable and we opted to use the Open War Deck. 

Before flipping the cards we agreed that we could "redraw" one of the cards if everyone agreed. The resulting flip had touching deployment zones, destroy three objectives in your opponents deployment zone and the twist was no one can fail morale. We opted to re-flip deployment and instead got the diagonal long edge deployment. My opponents won the roll-off to chose sides and deploy first putting me in the "more-crowded" section of the board. With how it was set up it became obvious that the middle was going to be a mess and bringing more than one Knight into a melee was unlikely to happen.

After setting up I won the roll to go first and proceeded to advance my Knights into position and take advantage of the House Raven Trait that allowed me to still shoot. It didn't help much with the "Feel-no-Pain" saves the Death Guard seemed to make every time I managed to wound. Not having played them before or read much about what they can do I was unprepared for the 20 man blob being buffed to insanity and tearing apart a Knight a turn (with Maulerfiend support of course).

The game went to turn four and running all Knights I would have had to table my opponents to win, as the objectives they placed were out of reach for Knights who can go past the first floor of "Ruins" and couldn't get their base close enough to "burn the objective" It didn't really matter though walking through the tight confines of the city I was easy prey for the infantry blobs that could manage to cull one Knight from the herd and deal with it. 

Next time I run my Knights I plan on taking better advantage of the stratagems to buff them up pre-game and play a bit smarter.