Cabinet Treasures: Captain Smash and the Robo-Wizard


Warhammer 40,000 – Way back when the Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought kit was released I picked it up along with a Storm Raven and decided I’d run my “Raven Guard” as Blood Angels. The new kits were really cool and the codex seemed to be a slightly better fit for what I wanted to run than what I could build with the “standard marine” codex. Sadly I lost interest before I finished painting any of the list and it found its way back onto my shelf of silent shame … I think at that time I was disappointed with 40k and moved to play Malifaux and other skirmish games as a replacement.

Fast forward several years and once again the Blood Angel codex offers some unique options for list design which had me digging through my shelves looking for those old models. I needed to make some minor changes to how I had it built out as a heavy flamer makes more sense to me on this type of character as auto-hitting makes opponents think twice about charging him.

I also had a Lord Executioner model that I hadn’t done anything with because the fine-cast quality was so poor. After replacing one of the wings and filling bubble holes I had him almost paintable. The two handed axe while cool was not how I wanted him equipped. With single pose models like this I try to modify them slightly so I don’t have the exact same thing as another player. An Iron Hands Thunder-hammer and Custodes Storm Shield replaced his axe and gave me a proper “Captain Smash.”