Taking the Black - More Deathwatch


Warhammer 40,000 – I think I’m near the end of the infantry for my current Deathwatch client. This batch has a few more Vanguard Vets and some armed to the teeth Primaris Marines. As with the previous models I started with a dark grey base, painted the gun metal bits and then washed with Nuln Oil. This is my standard for painting black at the basic level. The wash accomplishes the shading and highlights well enough with minimal effort. For a budget job many of my clients will chose this option.

After picking out the details and painting the shoulder pad an off color I pick a decal from my collection and make up a chapter. So far he’s been happy with the results and I think the force will look great on the table once it’s finished.


I had to freehand the Blood Raven Icon on his armed o the team guy worth all the extra gear, not something I tend to do often but I’m happy with the results.